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What To Look For in a Dog Boarding Facility


As a dog owner, you know for a fact that the last thing you want to happen is to leave your dog behind, even for just a couple of day. The idea of leaving it behind for someone else other than you to take care of is just plain awkward and uncomfortable. Hence, it is your job as a pet parent to look for the best dog boarding every single time you need to go out of town for an extended period.


But how do you distinguish the best dog boarding from the rest out there? If you read this article, you'll get the most important things to look for in a dog boarding facility.


1 - Size


In choosing the right dog kennel, size always matters. You never should choose a place that is very limited in space and looks congested already. Also, it is equally important to determine if the Dog Grooming Germantown facility has a kennel in which your dog will easily fit in.



2 - Properly Cleaned and Maintained


Next to size is cleanliness of the facility. It won't make that much sense to choose a large one but once you go there, you realize that the place is disorganized, dirty, and filthy. A dirty dog boarding facility is never an ideal place to leave your dog behind because it might get deadly diseases and viruses from it.


3 - Safety Features


Even if your dog is staying in the facility for a temporary basis, you still must ensure that the place is safe for your buddy. Some of the safety features you need to be looking at include security cameras, fences, and a sufficient number of staff members to help in controlling the dogs inside.


4 - Enough Area for Exercise and Play


In the best dog boarding facility, the kennel shouldn't be the only one which needs to be large enough to fit a large-sized dog. The facility has to have a large yard in which they are allowed to run and move freely since they really hate getting chained or caged for an extended period.


5 - Health Care


Veterinarian care isn't really a necessity during boarding, but it does not mean you can freely choose a facility that doesn't have a veterinarian on call in case of emergencies. There is no telling when accidents can happen and in case your dog gets injured, you don't want it to suffer without medical care.


So, the next time you're going out of town and you just can't bring your dog with you, you need to realize how important it is to look for a dog boarding facility at that will make you feel comfortable and confident that your pet is in good hands while you're away.